Friday, April 17, 2009

Welcome To AccessibleNet Blog!

We have created this AccessibleNet blog to help our associates as well as new visitors get to know the goals and ambitions of this massive project.

The web is a great tool which is very easy to use. That is if you have great vision, all of your limbs, and can hear perfectly.

For many years the needs, wants, and desires of people with disabilities have been overlooked by marketers, web designers, and others in the corporate world. Individuals with disabilities represent America’s largest minority group which comprises 54+ million individuals. They have an estimated spending power of $1+ trillion. In the physical world the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has gone a long way in leveling the playing field. Buildings have ramps, there are more sidewalks, and there are mandates that people with disabilities have the same level of access to government programs as their able bodied counterparts.

Unfortunately on the Internet there are millions of websites that cannot be used by people with disabilities. It basically equates to a hungry market that wants to give you their money but they cannot use your site. For years, this large and diverse group has not had the opportunity to fully participate in today’s digital economy. Websites and other online resources are often designed without even taking the needs of this vital market into consideration.

We have put this company together in a way to help all involved. Our associates have the opportunity to be the pioneers in a new revolution of online accessibility. Once joined our associates will be able to check a website simply for accessibility errors and if they can show the website owner the benefits of using AccessibleNet to fix all errors on the site then our associates earn cash commissions!

Our associates also have many other options to earn extra cash. AccessibleNet will also be building accessible websites for new clients. Every website we either build or repair will be put on a one of its kind AccessibleNet Sales Directory powered by Google for better search results. This will be free advertisement for any website repaired or built to persons with disabilities searching online.

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